OK Kāpa mājas lapa
    OK Kāpa mājas lapa - Sestdiena, 30. maijs
Laimtes sprints Zoodrz - ENG

2nd stage of Latvian sprint cup

Split times

To find out best runners in orienteering sprint competition in various running classes and support orienteering development in Latvia. To get acquainted with Riga Zoo.

Latvian orienteering federation.
BJC ”Laimte”, OK „Kpa”, IK „Mra 9”.
Head official: Tamra Kosmaeva t.mob. +37129104320, tamara.k@gusts.lv
Results: Mrcis Lukševics: luksevics@gmail.com
Course setting –Indulis Peilns

The department of education, culture and sport of Riga council.

Date, Place
10th April, 2010, Rg, Mea prospekts Nr.1
RP SIA "Rga national Zoo "
1st start 11.30 in pre-set order. Start interval – 1 min.

Competition center scheme:


Up to April 5
by sending name, class, team, emit number to luksevics@gmail.com
or via telephone +371+37129104320. Entry will be seen as guarantee for participation fee.

Classes,courses, punching
S(Female),V(Male) 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 35, 45, 55, 65
S,V 21E(Elite) best Latvian orienteering runners without age limitations
Open – without age limitations.

S12    1.6km  13 KP       V12   1.6km 13 KP
S14    1.8km  13 KP        V14    2.2km 13 KP 
S16    2.2km  13 KP            V16  2.4km 13 KP
S18    2.3km  16 KP        V18   3.0km 17 KP (2 laps)
S21E   2.7km   14 KP (2 laps)           V21E   3.1km 19 KP (2 laps)
S21    2.3km  16 KP        V21    2.6km 19 KP (2 laps)
S35    2.4km 13 KP         V35 3.0km  17 KP (2 laps)
S45    2.3km 16 KP       V45  2.4km  13 KP
S55    2.2km 13 KP       V55  2.3km  16 KP
S65    1.8km 12 KP       V65  2.2km 13 KP
OPEN   1.3km 15 KP        

Emit electronic punching system will be used.

Area, Map
Author of the map – Indulis Peilans, it is made in 2009/2010 in the area of Riga Zoo. Area: hilly, complicated with fences and labyrinths.

Participation fee
S, V -12, 14, 16, 18, 65 -2.00Ls, emit rent fee 0.50Ls
S,V -21, 21E, 35, 45, 55, Open – 3.50 Ls, emit rent fee 0.50Ls
Participation fee can be paid at the competition site. For those who have entered after 5th of April, must pay double fee.
Participation fee is also entrance fee at the Riga Zoo, which means after competition you are able to visit Riga Zoo for the same price.

10.00-11.00. After registration at the competition centre, participants receive a ticket to enter Riga Zoo. However, if competitor leaves Riga Zoo territory, he or she for second entrance must buy a new ticket. (3Ls for children, 4Ls for adults) www.rigazoo.lv

Special rules, Fair play
Competitors are fully responsible for their health.
Before start competitors are not allowed to go in the competition area, they must be at the competition centre or at the warming site.
After finish competitors are not allowed to communicate with competitors who have not started yet.

IK „MRA-9”, reg.Nr. 40002124273,  24 O.Vcieša street, Carnikava   
AS Swedbank, kods HABA LV22, LV40HABA0551015519297

Prize giving ceremony
Price giving ceremony 13.30 , after results are published.
Each class 1.-3.place winners get prizes and diplomas. Open group prizes will be delivered after lottery principle.

Drinking water at finish

T.Kosmaeva +37129104320, tamara.k@gusts.lv

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