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Kpa 2007 - Sprint in Liepja

Regulations for Sprint Race in Liepja

Latvia Sprint Cup Stage 3

Time: Sprint race will be held in Liepja on 30 June, 2007, at 18.00

Start and Finish area are close to Old Forts (Vecie forti, Hika, Sporta iela)

Arrival of participants by 18.00.

Organisers: OC "Saldus" and OC "Kpa"

Contributors: Liepja City Council,EMIT, NOKIA

Participants:Groups H21E and D21E will have a separate sprint race with a specific control visiting order; start interval is 1 minute; touch-free marking.
Other groups, HD10,12,14,16,18,21,35,45,55,65, will have a sprint race without a specific control visiting order and mass start. Micro-O elements will be included.

The results of the Sprint Race will not be included in the calculation of total results for KPA-2007. The results of Sprint Race will be included in the Latvia Sprint Cup ranking calculations.
For general public, free choice sprint race without time control will be offered.

Start: 18:00-19:30. Start list will be published on 30 June at 9:00.
Number of controls for sprint race on free choice course: to be announced on 30 June at 9:00, together technical course information for HD21E.

Courses: Estimate coursed length is 1.5-3 km, expected winner time 10-15 min. (to be specified on 20 June).

Registration: By 26 June, 2007, online. The number of participants in groups HD21E shall not exceed 40. In case of larger number of applications, the organisers may limit the number of participants. The countries represented by athletes competing in KPA-2007 HD21E groups are entitled to at least one guaranteed entry for Sprint Race.

Questions regarding registration: guntars@bkc.lv

Off-line registration: Maira Zrne (phone: +371 29455360)

Entry Fee: HD 10,12,14,16,18, Ls0.50, other groups Ls1.00.
Participation fee can be transferred to the OC Saldus account:

OK Saldus
Reg. no. 50008089151
Aspazijas 33-2,Saldus, LV-3801
A/S Hansabanka, HABALV22
Account: LV77HABA0551009645960.

or paid in cash on 29 june by 21:00 at KPA-2007 event centre.

Number bibs: The participants of the HD21E groups will receive special numbers bibs in the start area. Participants of other groups should use the KPA-2007 number bibs.

Map: Map scale 1 : 5000. It is forbidden to cross cultivated plants (flowerbeds, ornamental bushes, rhododendrons, etc.). Running on grassland and lawns is allowed.

Punching: H21E and D21E groups EMIT cards (touch-free).
Other groups - KPA-2007 EMIT cards.
General public - regular control cards.

Finish: There will be two finish corridors
- Nr.1 for groups H21E, D21E;
- Nr.2 for other groups
Last Control No.100 is mandatory for all participants.
Please follow the signs in the finish area.

Awarding: Event Centre at Jrmalciems, at 21:00.
1st -3rd place winners will be awarded in all the groups.

Services: Commentator, drinking water in the finish area.

Attention! The traffic will be partially restricted in the competition area on 30 June between 18:00 and 20:00. When crossing the streets, please make sure there are no vehicles approaching! Participants are responsible for their own safety!

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