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    OK Kāpa mājas lapa - Svētdiena, 31. maijs
KPA Sprint - Aluksne 2010

The Latvian Sprint Cup 4TH stage, Aluksne

Event will be held on 3th of July 2010 at 18.00

Event Center
At Aluksne district municipal building, Drza Street 11

OK Alksne, OK Kpa, Latvian Orienteering Federation

MW 12, 14, 16, 18, 21E, 21, 35, 45, 55, 65 MW 12, 14, 16, 18, 21E 21 35 45 55 65
Competitors start with "Kpa 2010" participant numbers and EMIT cards.
If competitor starts only in sprint race number of personal EMIT card should be entered in entry form. Fee for EMIT card rent: Ls 0.50.
Sprint results are not calculated in “Kpa 2010” three-days overall standings.
Participants themselves are responsible for their own safety and health conditions.

Until 17:30 - arrival of participants in closed pre-start area before starting the closed area
18:00-19:15 - Start in draw order. Start interval 1 minute.

Author of the map – Vilnis Veeris, map is made in 2010.
Scale 1:4 000, H 2.5 m.

Aluksne town (streets, squares, variable-density buildings and park areas).

Special rules
Restricted areas (greeneries, flower beds, hedges) shown in map with respective IOF map signs.
Running on lawns allowed.
No restrictions for shoe selection.

Dangerous places
- traffic in the competition area will not be limited!  Be careful crossing the streets!

According to LOF rules - projected winning time in all groups from 12 to 15 minutes.

Participation Fee
MW 12, 14 – Ls 1,00
MW 16, 18, 65 – Ls 1,50
MW 21E, 21, 35, 45, 55 – Ls 2,50.
The application submitted without entry fees will be considered as a guarantee for payment of fees until the start of 1st day of „Kpa 2010” three-days.

Prize giving
1st-3rd place in all classes will be awarded.

Until June 27
ONLINE entry form
Entered competitors
E-mail: aluksne.sports @ inbox.lv
after June 27 only vacant places will be available with a 50% higher participation fee.

Banking instructions:
Orientšans klubs „Alksne”
Reg.No. 40008059032
L.Ezera 24a, Alksne, LV 4301
LHZB Alksnes fil.
LV15 LHZB 4300 1685 0700 1

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